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What Type Of Exercise Is Best For Weight Loss


If you are gearing up for the New Year, and the New Year’s Resolution, it may be best to devise a plan for weight loss now. There are many individuals who look at the turn of a new year as the perfect time to make a commitment to lose the weight that they put on […]

Pre New Year’s Resolution…Don’t Over Eat This Holiday


There is nothing worse than waking up the day after New Year’s to realize that the jeans that fit you just a short month ago are not fitting anymore. The holiday hangover is bad enough feeling like you have lost the carrot of being with friends and family, but made even worse by realizing that […]

Keeping Yourself Healthy And Strong Through The Winter Season


It probably has happened already, you woke up in the morning with the cold in the air and felt a tickle in your throat. It is that time of year again. Cold and flu season are on the horizon and that means several months of fighting off infection, or worse yet, fighting infection. The best […]

The Holidays Are Right Around The Corner…Watch Out Skinny Jeans


The leaves are falling and although Halloween hasn’t even taken place the holiday decorations are already out on the shelves. We all know what that means, most of us get ten pounds during the holiday season. This year make a commitment to not put the weight on so that come January you won’t have the […]

How To Change Your Body Shape

Young woman weight training

The problem with losing weight is that once it is gone you are not always happy with what you have left. Some people think if they were just thin they would be satisfied with the way that they look, but get there and aren’t any more pleased than when they were heavier. Thin is not […]

Do You Just Not Feel Well?


There are times in your life when you are sick and times when you feel great, but the most disconcerting times is when you just don’t feel well. You know when you wake up and you open that one eye and you don’t feel good. Most of us would like to wake in the morning […]

Too much exercise can’t possibly be bad for you…, can it?

Exercise calisthenics #2

If you are someone who likes to exercise it is hard for you to imagine why other people don’t. Sitting still is against your nature, and the more you challenge yourself the better you feel. There is a reason why people who exercise excessively continue to do so, endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that are released […]

Is A Sedentary Lifestyle As Bad For You As Smoking?


New research is claiming that a sedentary lifestyle may be as unhealthy to your body as smoking. Smoking is a habit which everyone knows is bad. It delivers the carcinogenic substance nicotine to the body, and leaves deposits of tar and other materials in the lining of the lungs. If you have never smoked, you […]

Does Glucosamine Really Aid In Joint Repair?


It seems like when we talk about joint care and supplementation, the obvious choice for discussion is always glucosamine. With all the recommendations for use over the past decade it may be relevant to ask whether it is a supplement which really aids in joint repair or whether the research suggests that it is more […]

Should You Feed Your Child Food Supplements?


There is a standing debate about children and supplements among those in the medical field. There are some who err on the side of caution who think that children should get all the nutrients that they need from the foods that they eat and supplementation is not necessary, while still others believe that for a […]